Classical Russian Ballet was founded in Moscow in 2004 by Hassan Usmanov, the Company’s Artistic Director and Principal Dancer. Within seven years of its existence it has been recognized as a highly professional company. The group consists of well-known as well as young dancers - graduates of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Vaganova Academy and other renowned dance schools of Russia.

The Company has successfully performed in Russia and abroad. It has been enthusiastically welcomed in Austria, Germany, Greece, Finland, Israel, Spain, Ukraine, Japan and other countries. Its repertoire consists of classical masterpieces such as “Swan Lake”, “The Sleeping Beauty” and “The Nutcracker” by P.I. Tchaikovsky, “Giselle”, “Cinderella”, “Don Quixote” and other ballets.

Ballet is an Art of Classical Dance that can conquer people’s heart and penetrate into the human soul bringing joy and happiness, grief and tears, excitement and sorrow.

Ballet performances display life events in the magic atmosphere showing love and death, glamour and sorrow, danger and delight veiled by mystique ambiance.

Ballet is universal. Though it has French and Italian roots its Motherland is in Russia. Thus the words “Russian Ballet” are symbolic and guarantee a high professional level of performances.

Ballet was first established in Russia in two metropolises – St. Petersburg and Moscow – and there were founded two schools there to answer the demands of the public reflecting atmosphere of the cities: restrained and academic in St. Petersburg, enthusiastic and emotional in Moscow. Moscow ballet has always been characterized by its energy and eloquence.

Swan Lake is a unique artistic creation that people can enjoy dozens of times with increasing interest. The genius music by P.I. Tchaikovsky and exquisite and refined dances staged by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov express the subtle nuances of human feelings. The role of Odette bewitched by the Evil Magician into the Swan Queen, and her antagonist the Black Swan is a great challenge for every ballerina in the world. The ballet is regarded a lyrical heart-touching love song.

Sleeping Beauty is a story of Prince Aurora who was spelled by evil Carabosse Fairy to die from a prick of a spindle on her birthday. The Lilak Fairy softened the curse and the girl felt asleep for a hundred years in the enchanted castle until she was awoken by a kiss of a young and handsome Prince. The ballet ends in is an apotheosis of harmony, love and beauty.

The Nutcracker is performed on the New Year Eve all round the world. A growing Christmas Tree, dolls and toys that come to life, courageous nutcracker that conquers the Mouse King and turns into a handsome young Prince and the waltz of snowflakes carry the audience away to magic and mysterious world of fairytales. The choreography being in a perfect harmony with the music by Tchaikovsky visualizes its poetical half-tones. The ballet is a celebration of ethereal love that brings delight and excitement to people’s hearts.

Classical Russian Ballet welcomes you to enjoy the performances.